Interdisciplinary Artist


About Jean Carla Rodea.


Jean Carla Rodea is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Mexico City and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work involves a variety of disciplines and mediums such as music, sound, performance, photography, video, and sculpture. Her artistic practice deals with spaces and instances where socio-political and cultural constructs are rendered visible through multi-media installations and performance. Rodea is invested in understanding how time is insistently constructed through memory and how these memories whether embodied or recorded in spaces are documented and re/constructed. Archival research – whether it takes place in an institution or in her personal archive – often leads her to draw from fiction and speculative history around documents, physical traces, and spaces. Rodea has an MFA from DIAP, CUNY. And has performed extensively and shown work at Roulette, Carnegie Hall, BRIC, Knockdown Center, Judson Church, Danspace, Center for Performance Research, Panoply Lab, Rio ll Gallery, The Clemente, El Museo de Los Sures, to mention a few.

Photo by Andrea Rodea

CV available upon request.